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BOOK BIZ CO is an author-friendly Book Publisher.


We are passionate about helping writers from all walks of life reach their creative dreams and achieve literary success.

We offer editing, publishing and distribution services in collaboration with our affiliate company,

Destiny Media LLP for books that are self-published with us. 

If you have an exciting idea, concept or manuscript that has commercial potential with a specific target audience,

we would love to help you publish your work.




VINCENT is a published author and editor. He has written screenplays and scripts for Film & TV in India and Indonesia over the last two decades. 


An author himself, Vincent understands the

book business and the mindset every writer brings to their work. As a publisher, Vincent has a keen eye for good talent.


Whetting your manuscript and building a great book is what Vincent does best.


Vincent is also the founder partner of our affiliate publishing company  called Destiny Media LLP 

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